lives and works in BERLIN / TOKYO

If I were to talk about my motto, it would be “to keep a child's vision to the world”. I like things that are authentic, straightforward, playful & a bit emotional. I like things that are cool but not overly contrived, I am a bit in rebellion against the norm, authority and hierarchy.  I work mainly between videos & photos, sometimes including objects. My idea are often triggered by noticing something that we tend to take for granted and no longer even think about in daily life. 


卒業後、スタジオ勤務を経て、2009年にフォトグラファーとして独立し、映像、写真の事務所 A MAN & A PLOT を設立。ファッション写真をはじめ、エディトリアル、広告写真、自身の作品制作活動、コマーシャルフィルム、TVCMなど幅広い分野で活動。

2014 年渡欧。ポーランドのポズナン芸術大学にてインターメディア(先端芸術表現科)で修⼠号を取得した後、ヨーロッパを中心に世界各国での展覧会、アートビエンナーレ、映像フェスティヴァルなどにも出展。





Born in Hong Kong, Kalun now works as a filmmaker in Berlin. Prior to becoming a filmmaker, Kalun was a fashion and advertising photographer, where he gained the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to accurately carry out concept directions. As a photographer, Kalun continued to feel a strong connection to the narrative film he studied in college and found himself engrossed in incorporating a time-based vision into his photographic work.   

He reveres and takes inspiration from an extensive range of artistic disciplines, admiring them for their striking ability to establish fragmentary impressions that are audaciously poetic and approachable experimental. In 2014, he relocated to Poland, where he completed his master's program in intermedia art, expanding his knowledge of moving images to include non-narrative film and video art. His works have been exhibited and screened across Europe, such as at the WRO Media Art Biennale, the Edinburgh Artists' Moving Image Festival, Kassel Dokfest, and the Channels Video Art Festival in Australia.

In 2019, Kalun embraced a new challenge and relocated to Tokyo, Japan. There, he worked as a cinematographer for narrative films, both feature-length and short, where he continued to refine his visual language. He uses a contemplative approach to delve into existential topics and the complex dynamics of interpersonal relationships through the use of visual motifs. His intimate and contemplative aesthetic is distinguished by striking compositions, sophisticated framing, and meticulous attention to visual storytelling.

// Here is an autobiographical film about me.