lives and works in BERLIN / TOKYO

If I were to talk about my motto, it would be “to keep a child's vision to the world”. I like things that are authentic, straightforward, playful & a bit emotional. I like things that are cool but not overly contrived, I am a bit in rebellion against the norm, authority and hierarchy.  I work mainly between videos & photos, sometimes including objects. My idea are often triggered by noticing something that we tend to take for granted and no longer even think about in daily life. 


卒業後、スタジオ勤務を経て、2009年にフォトグラファーとして独立し、映像、写真の事務所 A MAN & A PLOT を設立。ファッション写真をはじめ、エディトリアル、広告写真、自身の作品制作活動、コマーシャルフィルム、TVCMなど幅広い分野で活動。

2014 年渡欧。ポーランドのポズナン芸術大学にてインターメディア(先端芸術表現科)で修⼠号を取得した後、ヨーロッパを中心に世界各国での展覧会、アートビエンナーレ、映像フェスティヴァルなどにも出展。






Perhaps more aptly referred to as a cinematographer and visual choreographer, Kalun has been working commercially over 10 years in areas of advertising and fashion editorial photography, collaborating with brands such as Club Monaco, Shanghai Tang and is a regular contributor to Esquire, Elle Men, City Magazine, The Bund Magazine (China). With a degree in creative media specializing in cinematic arts, Kalun maintains a deep relationship with narrative cinema and finds himself engrossed in incorporating a time-based vision within his still work. His meticulous attention towards set production is driven by his innate curiosity towards personalities, which exist as core to his visual constructions. “Situations and events spin off of and circulate around people, while dynamics exist as shadows of personality. Spaces contain us, but more so reflect us. I am more interested in this kind of unbreakable, nuanced causal relationship. Lead-ups and in-betweens are more suggestive, and are therefore more fascinating to me.”

Upon graduating from City University Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media in 2007, Kalun embarked on his career in professional commercial photography as a production assistant, facilitating large scale and often intricate productions for major billboard campaigns. Trained under constant pressure for aesthetic precision through meticulous prop search and production planning, he has developed the comprehension and vocabulary to accurately realize concept directions, a skill that has contributed to the rapidly expanding client base under his own creative enterprise. Kalun treats every project as a creative collaboration, working hand-in-hand with partners to push visual and conceptual boundaries, and always working to strike the ideal balance between commercial delivery and his artistic hand. Over the past year he has also applied his palette and vision to film production, having directed several video advertorials and a short drama series for Universal Music. Trekking between still and moving, print and broadcast, Kalun has developed an acute awareness of the dynamics and advantages of each format.

Kalun has an innate sensitivity towards composition – in tune with his strong interests in time-space relations – and is often referred to as a minimalist in his visual executions. Constantly commissioned by magazines local and abroad, Kalun values every opportunity to experiment and always enjoys a good visual pun. He reveres and takes inspiration from extensive range of artistic disciplines, admiring them for their striking ability to establish fragmentary impressions that are boldly poetic and accessibly experimental. Taking from this mentality, Kalun’s working process depends heavily on the deconstruction and shuffling of standards, creating images that are evocative and off- kilter. He tends to work backwards from norms and models and plays with inherent assumptions. Each image is a tailored container, an effectively isolated realm dedicated to the subject that emanates personality and believable surrealism. He often plays with the idea of exoticism that is rooted in the interplay between urban and nature – a forest on a rooftop, a segment of outer space encased in concrete – resulting in non-places that are imbued with a touch of childhood innocence, that are strangely familiar but ultimately unrecognized. Widely travelled and ever-receptive to all forms of art, Kalun keeps a mental archive of the spaces and scenarios from his perceived experiences that he draws from for his assignments. His mind an incessant blender, his work is shaped through a series of controlled trial and error and informed chance encounters.

From his preference of artists to his own creative decisions, one can devise Kalun’s particular attraction towards the idea of duality and the binary, which exists as his overarching thematic concern. Skillfully utilizing paired sequencing, duplicates, mirrored imagery, complimentary colors and pondering protagonists as staple strategies in his work, Kalun has the ability to make clean yet open-ended statements that meander between authenticity and hyper-reality. It is also a duality of art and commerce. They are facets that Kalun never considers as exclusives, but rather as mutual dependents, interlaced and indispensible. He seeks to employ ambiguous undercurrents that opens up conversations about the image and hopefully prolong its longevity, that within which interest and discussion is actively thriving. An organic seeping of stimulation that accentuates over time, rather than a bombardment of emotions, is perhaps a fitting description of how Kalun wants every one of his projects to achieve.

Besides doing commercial projects, Kalun also work as a visual artist.

Kalun is currently based in Tokyo where he works independently as a photographer and filmmaker.