lives and works in BERLIN / TOKYO



This series of photographs was shot for the collaborative project between CASETiFY & Hong Kong homegrown label GrowthRing & Supply for their limited edition of vintage-inspired tech accessories collection inspired by the signature Double-Faced Sukajan Jacket with embroidered design.

The project was taken place in an old small restaurant serving Japanese-Chinese cuisine that is called Chuka Ryori (中華料理). They are most likely small scale mom-and-pop shops run by Japanese chefs. These unassuming shops are scattered all over the country, found at any local restaurant street. Most likely the menu will offer classic staples such as fried rice, ramen, mapo tofu, and the like. The price range also tends to be much affordable for the everyday meal.

Tokyo Japan, 2023

Photography: Kalun
Stylist: Growthring & Supply Co.
Creative director: Kenji Wong
Models: Isa Kanoko
Production Manager: Ken Law